Workplaces are complex environments. As businesses and departments within them develop and grow the spaces they occupy can become crowded and disjointed. There can be a tendency to fill the space available leading to inefficiency and possibly , property costs higher than necessary.

Working with our clients we are able to accurately assess their current and future space needs and provide an optimum space requirement

This will be done giving consideration to:

  • best working practices,
  • space requirements for individuals,
  • space requirements for meetings
  • Storage and warehouse requirements
  • time spent in the offices alongside individual work patterns.
  • Parking requirements

Information gathering will include:

  • Headcount
  • Departmental Adjacencies
  • Storage & Equipment Surveys
  • Workstation Standards & Requirements
  • Observation of Existing Environment
  • Specialist Areas
  • Needs & ‘Nice to Have’s’

Questionnaires and room data sheets will be used to assist in this process so that it is both design led and based on factual inputs.

It will include Alternative Ways of Working such as:

  • Open Plan
  • On the Move
  • Touch Down
  • Collaborative

It will consider:

  • Comfort
  • Privacy
  • Reality
  • Concentration zones
  • Access to reference material

Indicative Costs per square metre will be provided for fitting out new leased accommodation and the alternative opportunity cost of building from new, either retaining the freehold or on a leaseback arrangement.