Hollybrook Estates have established themselves as a significant provider of property advice both for Educational Clients, particularly within the Further Education sector, and private Commercial Clients within Oxfordshire, the Home Counties and Beyond.

Our expertise includes Strategic Planning, Space Utilisation and Workplace Assessment studies, Site Rationalisation, Project Management, Detailed Design of buildings, large and small, and Internal Design, Spatial Layouts and Planning.  We are also experienced in assisting clients in preparing Capital Bids for Grant Funding.

Hollybrook Estates can provide detailed design and specification services or simple reports against which budget costs and future planning can take place.

Most importantly, we have the experience of working within client organisations managing the refurbishment of complex buildings where detailed phasing of works is required to ensure that they are kept fully operational as works proceed.

All our projects are developed to high standards of design but with realistic cost constraints and programme schedules.